In the beginning, in the fall of 1973, eight young men pledged (Genesis 8) and then became members of the greatest fraternity on earth, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. In the spring of 1974, they where joined by eight more young men (Funky 8), and created a new chapter in Omega, Alpha Eta. Soon these sixteen men decided that the chapter needed an exceptional nickname and it was decided that it would be the “Audacious” Alpha Eta.Their aim was and is to be extremely bold and daring, and to live their lives to be unique and unafraid of challenges.

Alpha Eta Lines

Genesis 8 Faithful 5 2 Brainless Wonders Abominable 1
Funky 8 Determined 2 3 Resurrected Tenacious 2
Defiant 1 Undisputed 1 Thunderous 3 Disjointed 2
8 Evil Ways 2 Dedicated 6 Souls of 69 Victorious 1
Unlimited 1 Galactic 2 Apocalypse 3 4 of a Qind
Phase 4 Hardrock 8 Armageddon 4 Rebellious 2
Indestructible 2 4 Busted Nuts Audacious 1